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NotAiHACKon : AiHACKon clone for Gameforge’s Aion – 32/64bits

“<Not>AiHACKon” is a “clone” of the well established cheat tool “AiHACKon”. Although it is still maintained by its owner, AiHACKon doesn’t support the 64bit version of the game. Considering many players (especially those playing through Steam) are having a hard time launching the 32bit binaries, or simply want to get the best performances out of the game, I thought it could be interesting to propose an alternative.

Screenshots :

>>> Please read the following !<<<

This tool is currently maintained only for EU servers For EU/NA retail servers !

So don’t be surprised if you are playing on a non-Gameforge retail server and it doesn’t work !

Yes, NotAion isn’t a server on which you can cheat easily.

It is notorious that NotAion has a server side detection for no-animation cheats, therefore using no-animation there (even a small percent) will get you auto-banned.

Apart from no-animation, the other functionalities can’t be detected, but the staff isn’t like Gameforge’s, there are invisible walls in instances to make you fall and die, GM roam in invisible mode, and they will investigate you if they have any suspicion.

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