Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

lsass.exe Bypass Battleye, EAC, Vac


  • Only Tested On Windows 7
  • You Do Require Some C++ To Further Develop The Bypass
  • The Code I Will Be Providing Might Be Hashed Already
  • I Am Not A Professional, Just A Coder Looking To Help People

To start off, what is lsass.exe? its a program used by your PC to store handles and other important things. it is a windows program so it could be protected in windows 10. the program lsass.exe is also a extremely important program, meaning, if your hack crashes…windows will require a restart.

So, where to begin? and how? My method is injecting into lsass.exe and running a code to get and list all the handles that lsass.exe has and filtering out the game’s handle.

How To Use:

  1. HANDLE GameHandle = GetProcessHandle(find(L“RainbowSix.exe”));

Remember to do this when injected into lsass.exe. runing this set of codes will return the game’s handle. After getting your game’s handle, you are able to RPM and WPM of the game you are hacking. After RPM / WPM you might be asking, now what? well, you can make a named pipe and transfer data between your overlay and lsass.exe this can be done easily by adding these functions:



Well, you can write data from lsass.exe and read data from your overlay and drawing the players. Well, after this, you can easily draw your players and do all RPM and WPM in lsass.exe. Afew more notes to add on, you can use things like XENOs injector or extreme injector, make sure to inject using manual mapping.

Okay, so with all this, here is what you need to do to make it work.


  1. Make A DLL Which Gets Injected In lsass.exe And Gets And Lists All Handles
  2. Filter The Handles And Find The Game’s Handles
  3. Read Process Memory / Write Process Memory Using The Handle Filtered
  4. Open A Named Pipe Using The Code Above.
  5. Add The Write Named Pipe Function Inside lsass.exe
  6. Add The Read Named Pipe Function Inside Your Overlay
  7. Send The Data You Read In lsass.exe Using The Write Named Pipe Function
  8. Make A Thread And Loop Through The Read Named Pipe Function
  9. Store Data Received Into A Variable And Draw Your ESP
  10. Tip: You Can Send A Bunch Of Data And Add A Letter To Split In Between Information And Split It In Your Overlay

One More Thing, if you like to popup a messagebox for debuging or what so ever, here is the code!

  1. VOID MessageBox_(LPCSTR Text, LPCSTR Title)
  2. {
  3. DWORD response;
  5. WTSSendMessageA(WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, // hServer
  6. WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId(), // ID for the console seesion (1)
  7. const_cast<LPSTR>(Title), // MessageBox Caption
  8. strlen(Title), //
  9. const_cast<LPSTR>(Text), // MessageBox Text
  10. strlen(Text), //
  11. MB_OK, // Buttons, etc
  12. 10, // Timeout period in seconds
  13. &response, // What button was clicked (if bWait == TRUE)
  14. FALSE); // bWait – Blocks until user click
  15. }

Normal Message Box Will Not Work, Use The Message Box Above To Display Custom Messages

Split Functions:

  1. void split(const string& s, char c,
  2. vector<string>& v)
  3. {
  4. string::size_type i = 0;
  5. string::size_type j = s.find(c);
  7. while (j != string::npos) {
  8. v.push_back(s.substr(i, j i));
  9. i = ++j;
  10. j = s.find(c, j);
  12. if (j == string::npos)
  13. v.push_back(s.substr(i, s.length()));
  14. }
  15. }

How To Use Split:

  1. vector<string> v;
  2. split(buffer, ‘|’, v);
  3. for (int i = 0; i < v.size(); ++i)
  4. {
  5. cout << buffer << endl;
  6. }

Other Notes:
Well, the steps above are for externals. If you are making a internal which seems to be more better, you dont have to open a named pipe and such and just inject right into the game with the handle you obtained. One note, for battleye games, its not a easy inject. You need a proper way to inject.

Add Sleep Functions Here And There Not To Make lsass.exe Use 100% of CPU. Add Sleep(50); In Afew Loops. Make Sure Not To Make Like 10 Threads Or Somthing, It Will Lag Your Computer. Make Sure Not To Do Something Retarded Cos If lsass.exe Crashes, Your Computer Will Restart.

Some Detections You Might Want To Look Out For:
Named Pipe Leaves Traces In Lsass.exe, You Can Easily Find Another Method To Transfer Data.
Any Non-Recognized Overlay Gets Rekt By Battleye I Believe.