Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

palla by palavia (pixel-bot) Free + Premium

What “palla by palavia” can do:

1. Collect palladium. ( 1800-2000 per hour )
2. Automatic use PET for collecting.
3. Repair ship when it is under 95% of health.
4. Switch configuration when you are under 45% of health and move outside of fog to repair.
5. Kill all pirates when ship is under attack. ( Not shooting other players! )
6. Selling palladium when you are 100% full ( Must have hangar on 5-2 ). – Removed from Free version!
7. Using one abilitie of the AEGIS.
8. Program is automatically updated when it is necessary!
9. Auto reconnect if internet connection is lost or if the servers restarts. (work with Google Chrome)

For Premium users:

11. Selling palladium when you are 100% full ( Must have hangar on 5-2 ).
12. Revive if your ship is down.
13. Send and Upgrade lasers with Seprom/Prommerium or send and sell Prommerium ( each time when bot is selling )
14. Produce your Tech items from Tech center ( each time when bot is selling )
15. Revive/Repair PET
16. Using the abilities of the AEGIS ( they should be placed in some of the hotkeys (1-10) or just be visible ) 

17. NPC’s (pirates) KILLER!
18. SAB Changer
19. Drones Formation Changer
20. SAFETY Options 
21. Accept Group’s request 
22. Emaill Notify New

All of these features are switchable by MAIN MENU which you can call at any time by hitting fast button “Home” !

Premium MENU:

I. Important Requirements:

  • Fast internet and a good computer because 5-3 is laggy.
  • Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Your DEFAULT typing language of your computer must be ENGLISH ! ( work after restarting pc )
  • Browser – Google Chrome (or any Chrome based browser )
  • All settings in the game must set to LOW.
  • Set to 2D Mode.
  • Set OFF “Double-click to launch attack”
  • Set ON “Log into client automatically”
  • Set ON “Show player names”
  • Set ON “Show resources”
  • Set ON “Always allow draggable windows”
  • Set ON “Show background”
  • Set the “Min/max all windows” to be “H” (by default)
  • One of your configurations must to have shields on it.
  • You need the Kronos portal or at least the bottom left ring from the portals(alfa)

II. How to start:

1. Open your DO account with Google Chrome browser.
2. Go to hangar screen and start your ship in configuration which will collect palladium on 5-3.
3. Start “palla by palavia.exe” and make all required settings in the menu if necessary.
4. now you can press “Tab”-fast kay or “Save & RUN” to start the collecting process 

VIDEO TUTORIAL by bestbots_support