Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

??? Traveller – Foreground pixel-bot


  • Auto buy and equip JP-1 CPU (credits one)
  • Auto travel to x-2 map and jump
  • Beep when inside ??? map (it may take 4-5s to start beeping)
  • Press key when inside
  • Run PET guard mode when inside
  • Anti-stuck (solves the infinite connection loop by refreshing the page after around 60s) & reconnect features

Game settings:

  • Logout button must be visible
  • Jump cpu in the fast bar
  • Jump key must be J
  • Tabs background enabled
  • AutoStart enabled
  • Minimap background disabled
  • Minimap on its minimum size
  • Minimap, PET (if you check use autolooter) tabs opened
  • You must have a JP-1 CPU equiped or be at the x-1 company station. Run it only at your x-4, x-3, x-2, x-1 maps. At x-1 do not run it over the x-2 portal
  • Make sure that when you are at x-1 after jump with the CPU, the minimap has nothing behind it, only black background

Backpage settings:

  • You must be at shop->extras->scroll down and search the JP-1 CPU (it must be visible & also the start button to game client must be visible).

OS configuration

  • Your screen zoom must be 100% (click over it). You can change it by right-clicking the desktop and go to screen configuration.
  • If the bot does not jump at portal set your keyboard to EN language

Browser requeriments:

  • The browser must be able to close a tab by using ctrl+w (for example chrome, i recommend opera/yandex as i have tested the bot on those browsers). Do not use Firefox
  • 100% zoom
  • Only both DarkOrbit tabs opened
  • You should have a decent internet connection.