Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Hero Zero bot

S-bot for HZ

Type: pixel-bot

Doing missions: YES
Doing special missions: NO
Refill energy: YES
Normal PVP: YES
League PVP: YES
Hideout collect money:YES
Hideout collect XP: YES
Hideout send bots: YES
Training: YES
Background version: YES


General information
Users who use bot 24/7 has high possibility of getting ban. Recommended time is 8-12h/day.
Desktop zoom have to be 100%(desktop scaling).
Bot needs Net Framework 4.5.2 installed. Download link here
Bot supports only Windows(Win7 and above). For botting on another OS use VM virtualbox


Game settings:
Disable animations.
Disable offer in shop.
Disable “show team fights”.
Disable “show gang fights”.
Disable “show missing patterns”.
Disable friend list.

How to start bot:
Open S-bot_for_HZ.exe and choose server you want.
Then wait for game’s login formular and login your account into game.
When you can see you account successfully logged settings menu will appear.
Choose in settings menu what shoud bot do, then switch to game window and press START.
Enjoy botting !