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Shakes and Fidget MFBot

Function overview of the magical fidget bot

  • Manuelle control without having to be in the browser
  • Do tavern (best quest calculation is adjustable: gold per time, experience per timeor time) and buy beer
  • Do cityguard (adjustable, hourly (or own set time) in a certain period of time)
  • Buy and use potions “intelligently” (unwanted bottles are sold again, activate scrolling in the magic shop or let the bot buy and resell cheap items for getting the bottles)
  • Pass a daily item to the witch (and sell the returned item, if you wish) + flush the toilet
  • Automatically lease a new mount
  • Automatically enchant items
  • Automatically buy/skill attributes (adjustable per percentage or automatic)
  • Hourly enter dungeons and tower
  • Enter arena
    (with winning chance calculatoion: If an opponent can be defeated with a maximm chance of over or equal 50 %, he will be attacked.)
  • Register to guild battles and, if wished, start them or raids
  • Buy scrapbook if it’s available in the magic store
  • Sell items (adjustable
  • Gather fortress ressources and expand/train their buildings and units
  • and much more..

Accountdetails - Übersicht

Overview about the most important account information and functions

In addition, it is possible to see the inventory through the bot interface and to equip items, sell them, throw them into the toilet, sell them to the witch and buy attributes.

Furthermore you can see the guild chat and interact with it through the guild window, so you don’t have to login first.

The account overview also makes it possible to use all the functions of the mailbox, also there is the possibility to delete several messages at the same time, including won / lost / all fights.

If you do not want to configure each account individually, you can also apply the selected settings to all characters at the same time via “Change All”.

Finally, there is the possibility to send a log listing to its e-mail address in a definable time interval.

Bild von den Einstellungen im Tab Verhalten

Settings for the bot behaviour of one account

In short: The bot is now almost a local client for the game and is constantly expanded and supplemented with new functions and features.

If you miss important functions or if you have suggestions for improvement or tips for us, you can report this in the Forum. We are happy about every Thanks and criticism we receive.


Last but not least, a few Screenshots:


Hall of fame

Accountdetails - Festung

Account details – fortress information and control


Guild window

Accountdetails - Charaktertab

Account details – character information

Allgemeine Boteinstellungen

Global bot settings, account-independent