Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Monoware V1.1

|||How To Start|||
-Download the cheat
-Extract the folder to your Desktop (or if you want to be safe, use a flash drive)
-Run CSGO (Full-screen Windowed mode)
-Run the file MonowareV2.exe
-If it doesn’t work, run as admin

NOTE: I am not responsible/liable for any bans, including VAC, that you receive. Use at your OWN RISK. It’s a public cheat guys, don’t expect too much. PLEASE avoid using this unless you know how to not look at people through fucking walls. Once again, I am NOT responsible for Overwatch/VAC bans.


Showing Team/Enemy
Custom Preset Team/Enemy Colors
Adjustable sliders for colors
Opacity Presets + Slider

Box Colors
Box Widths
Snap Lines(Top and Bottom)