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Simple CSGO External v2.3.8 [Danger Zone]

Simple CSGO External v2.3.8 | Sandwich
[1/19/19] STATUS: Undetected


.NET Framework
2015 / 2017 C++ Redistributable

1. Download and extract the hack
2. Start CSGO
3. Wait until you are in the CSGO menu than open the hack as administrator
4. Have fun

Aimbot (Enemies, Allies) [Smooth, FOV, Bone Target, Visibility Check, Radar Check]
Triggerbot (Enemies, Allies) [Auto / Hold Key, Flash Check, Scope Check]
Glow ESP (Toggle Allies, Flash Check, Defusing Check, Glow by Health, Glow Weapons / C4)
Chams (Toggle Allies, Flash Check, Defusing Check)
Radar Hack
No Recoil
Bunnyhop (Velocity Check, Auto Strafe)
No Flash
Change Weapon FOV / FOV
Fake Lag

Aimbot Settings
Triggerbot Settings
Wallhack Settings
Misc Settings
Change Hotkey Layout
Hide / Kill Application