Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

W1zware Extended Version

Bunnyhop– Jumps as soon as you hit the ground to gain speed. Works best on 64 tick servers and flat surfaces.
AutoStrafe– Automatically strafes left and right when you move the mouse left and right.
Triggerbot– Shoots as soon as a pixel changes in your crosshair. Optional settings: sensitivity, delay, pause
SmartTriggerbot– Shoots as soon as an enemy enters your line of sight. Based on the radar rather than pixel detection.
AutoFire– Use with pistols to spam fire them. Optional settings: delay
NoRecoil– Automatically compensates for the recoil of certain weapons. Optional settings: weapon
Aimbot– Automatically aims at the horizontal position of enemies based on the radar. It will lock onto enemies through walls if your teammate spots them. Looks somewhat natural in spectator view/demos. Optional settings: FOV, lock speed, trace speed, delay, offset, smooth, mode (normal, snap, silentaim)
AntiAim/Spinbot– (epilepsy warning lol) Makes you difficult to shoot in the head (bypasses Overwatch as far as I know, but be careful). You can still see where you’re actually aiming, and you can still move around and shoot. Optional settings: mode (down + 360, 360, random, updown)
ChatSpam– Spams chat with up to 10 custom messages. Optional settings: delay, random
ZeusGlitch– Shoots a taser bolt as a tracer (not visible client-side, only to other players).
BuyBinds– Automatically buys weapons at the start of the round(no console commands needed).
LagSwitch– Disconnects CS:GO from the internet via firewall, useful for peeking around corners and seeing an enemy before they see you.

GUI– Simple and easy way to turn on/off cheats and change settings.
InputBox– Type in the cheats you want to turn on/off, also useful for fine-tuning settings.
Toggleable cheats– To toggle on a cheat (opposed to having to hold down the respective key) press Left Alt + [key to use cheat] to toggle it on or off.
Profiles– Two custom profiles, and a legit and rage profile. Customizable sensitivity and hotkeys available as well.

How to install and use
•Close CSGO if it’s open
•Download the .rar file
•Use WinRar to extract the first folder you encounter when opening the .rar file to the Desktop or Downloads without changing any file names
•Open up the folder and run the .ahk file
•You need to type the following radar commands in console for some features to work:
cl_radar_scale 1
cl_radar_icon_scale 1
cl_radar_always_centered 1
cl_radar_rotate 1

•Make sure to run CSGO in Fullscreen Windowed mode. Some people(like myself) can get every feature to work with Fullscreen mode, but others cannot.