Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

How to get Rose Team Leader for Free!

NOTE:- This tool has been updated to the latest patch
NOTE:- This requires Trailblazer skin to achieve the Rose Team Leader.
NOTE:- *[(If required make a manual backup of the pakchunk0 file)]*
NOTE:- Revert the changes done or verify the game files before a update lands!

1. Download the given file.

2. Extract and copy the file and paste it inside of your PAK folder location.

3. Open the .exe file and type ‘1’ and press ‘Enter’.

4. Your done!

5. To revert the changes the open the .exe file and type ‘2’ and press ‘Enter’.

6. This Injector supports only the current patch, I’ll make an update if another patch lands.