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GTA Parachute Hack Enhanced


How to use
You have to have your Gta in window mode
Put GTA_HACK folder in C:Program Files (x86)
If you dont have auro hotkey installed run the AutoHotkey_1.1.XX.XX_setup.exe
Install the 64 bit version
Go in the folder and edit the GTA_Parachute_Hack_Enhanced_v1.X.ahk file
Press Control+F and search for –> run, “C:Program Files (x86)GTA_HACK(YOUR VERSION)” <–
If your using socialclub for gta replace (YOUR VERSION) with [rgsc] parachute hack.exe
If your using steam for gta replace (YOUR VERSION) with [STEAM] parachute hack.exe
Go to Gta singelplayer then online solo session
If your not level 40 open the [STEAM/rgsc] parachute hack.exe and press teleport to mine and then start earning xp
Go to Jobs, Parachute and leap of faith if you are in the lobby hover over the first option
Now run GTA_Parachute_Hack_Enhanced_v1.x.ahk as admministrator
Press ok on the first window
In the Second window you can choose how many times you want to repeat the hack usually something between 10-100(Gta will crash when you put over 250)
Then press Controll+o
Go to play and wait untill u see the countdown
after the countdown go to the little box in the bottom left cornor and click on it
now there should be a window where it says set value
press on set value a few times the teleport to landingzone
now jump and press F or left mouse button verry quickly
now you land in the zone and the job will finish
when you are in the menu where you can choose the next job click on repeat
Now you shoud see the lobby again
Wait 4 second and then press Controll+Up-key
the hack soud be runnig now
if you want to close the hack press Controll+X
if you want to pause the hack press Controll+P
if you want to reload the hack press Controll+R