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Kiddion’s External Refund Mod

It seems like such a great idea: the great Orbital Cannon. Until you look back at your life and your Maze account and start wondering: “Was it all worth it?”

And your mind starts to wonder and you find yourself thinking, why did I ever agree to pay a small fortune to fire one sorry shot, just to feel like a griever? Why did R* ever expose us to grieving features like these, shouldn’t they be fixing the real doomsday scenario: dangerous exploits like remote bans? Why hasn’t that been fixed, didn’t we just receive a new DLC, with a new name? What were they thinking? So still, anyone joining your session now could potentially be the one ending it all…?!

Knowing your end might come when you least expect it, you start regretting mistakes in the past, like every dime spent on the Orbital Cannon, but what can you do…

Well, you can undo your financial damage, because here’s your refund. Just:

  • download the mod,
  • start the program when you’re online,
  • read the disclaimer and press [OK],
  • hit F9 for every 750k you once spent on the cannon – or didn’t, I can’t tell the difference anyway and I’m pretty sure no-one can.

I have no clue or advice when and how often you can do it, the best time between presses and for how long nor how safe it is. But life is short anyway, so make it count anyway…

(And it should work on Steam, but I can’t test it…)

FAQ (Read this before posting here!):

  • “Why is Windows Defender/Avast/… saying this is a virus?”
    This mod is looking for a key-press (F9) and is reading/writing to the memory of another process and some AV are nervous about that. This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum’s file moderator and is considered safe, otherwise it wouldn’t have been approved.
  • “Why does the program crash and/or is it deleted as soon as I press the first F9?”
    This is caused by an overly protective anti-virus, consider using a different AV. This mod has been reviewed thoroughly by the forum’s file moderators.
  • “When I press F9 the first time, nothing happens?”
    Try to hold it down for a bit longer or press it several times. Apparently for some people this helps, I will look into the problem. If even this doesn’t hlep, you probably need to look at your AV.
  • Do I have to own the Orbital Cannon to use this?
    No, you can refund “upfront”.
  • “Can I bind this to a different key instead of F9?”
    Yes you can, create a text file in the same directory as refund.exe, name the text file “refund.ini” and lookup the virtual keycode you want to use and add (without the line numbers):
    1. [refund]
    2. MoneyKey=0xBB
    (In this case, it uses the [+=] key.) For a list of virtual key codes, see:
  • “Can I configure the amount of money?”
    No, that’s not possible.
  • Is this an external mod?
    This mod is a completely external money mod, it doesn’t use natives.
  • Can you suggest an AHK script?
    To press F9 somewhere randomly between 3 to 5 minutes, you could use a script like this:

    Random,rand, 180000, 300000
    Sleep rand
    SendInput {F9 down} 
    Sleep, 100
    SendInput {F9 up}