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Kiddion’s Modest External Menu v0.6.2

– Instead of crashing, show an error message when the config is invalid (bugfix)
– Attempt to prevent player freezing when either SuperJump, Explosive/Fire Ammo or Explosive Fists are enabled (bugfix)
– Make “Get Personal Vehicle” a range select entry instead of a sub menu so all entries can be selected (bugfix)
– Fix Plane/Heli landing gear for spawned vehicles (bugfix)
– Make sure weapon modifications get restored, they apply to NPC weapons as well (bugfix, after getting brutally blown to pieces by a NPC with a pistol)
– Attempt to improve key handling (bugfix?)
– Make NUMPAD0 the default “Back” key
– Add support for exiting the menu, including a hotkey action “QuitMenu”
– Make Player Godmode, Runspeed and Swimspeed persistent
– Add WantedCanChange toggle
– Add Bullet Damage and Fast Reload to Weapon’s sub-menu
– Add more VehicleModel-handling controls to the Vehicle sub-menu
– Always attempt to restore original vehicle model handling settings
– Increase Offradar time to 100m
– Add controls for primary and secondary vehicle color for Anonymous and PV spawning
– Add an IKnowWhatImDoing option to temporarily allow removing (invalid) garage entries

– Initial public (beta quality) release for GTA V v.1.42 with quickfix for Steam

– Initial public (beta quality) release for GTA V v.1.42