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SirMestre BlackCat 1.44

Change log for the 2.0 version (next update):
– Added some vehicles classes (Boats / Planes / Off-Road / Super / Industrial / Utility)
– Added SuperMan feature.
– Fixed the Explode Ped.
– Added Off-Radar.
– Added Max Upgrade Vehicle.
– Added RPLoop.
– Added Explode Nearby Vehicles.
– Currently adding some features.

Change log for the 1.0 version:
– God Mode
– Invisibility
– Super Jump
– Flaming Fists
– Sprint Speed
– Swim Speed
– Wanted Level
– Teleport To Waypoint
– Clone Ped
– Clean Ped
– Explode your ped in while
– Spawn Vehicles (Compacts, Coupes, Cycles, Emergency, Helicopters, Industrial, Military and Motorcycles, I will add the others classes later).
– Give All Weapons
– Rapid Fire
– One Shot Kill

To use it, you need to launch GTA5 in windowed mode and launch my menu, you can press F9 to show/hide the menu.

Sreenshots :