Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

VBScript for Kiddion’s Job Hopper


Working hard to get by in Los Santos? Don’t you just wish you could make some extra money to satisfy that criminal hunger inside? Don’t you wish there was a way to earn an additional income? Even while you’re getting burnt by other players or while alone hiding, crying over long lost deliveries, hoping others will for once leave you alone?


To use it:

  • Download this mod with a smile on your face! (You can do better than that!)
  • Wait until GTA5.exe has started and is fully loaded in Single Player.
  • Start job-hopper.exe, for Steam you will need Administrator rights.
  • Read the disclaimer and memorize it.
  • Go Online.
  • Press F9 once in a while to generate just that bit more money to get through the dark days. After one press you will have to wait for at least a minute until you can add again. Don’t overdo it!

This mod is a completely external money mod, it doesn’t use natives! Money will be added to your stats in the Jobs category. It should work on Steam, but I can’t test it.

start this script when in Online mode.
It will automatically press F9 key every 75 sec.

Download: vbscript jobhopper