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Infestation Vietnam hack

Infestation: Survivor Stories : Viet Nam

[Player ESP]
-2D Box
-3D Box

[Zombie ESP]
– 2D Box
– 3D Box

[Item ESP]
-2D Box
-3D Box
-Show Gun
-Show Armor
-Show Ammo

– Super Jump [Use “SPACE”]
– Noclip [Use “V”]
– NightVision
– No Recoil
– Stamina
– Super JumpV2 [USE ”SPACE”]
– NobulletDrop
– Instant Pickup
– Increase dmg [Use “G”]
– Invisible [Use “F”]
– UnlockSafe
– Menu simple number F1


Click ON
– SafeZone
– Airport
– ClearView
– Boulder City

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