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Xenos injector v2.3.1

– Supports x86 and x64 processes and modules
– Kernel-mode injection feature (driver required)
– Manual map of kernel drivers (driver required)
Injection of pure managed images without proxy dll
– Windows 7 cross-session and cross-desktop injection
– Injection into native processes (those having only ntdll loaded)
– Calling custom initialization routine after injection
– Unlinking module after injection
– Injection using thread hijacking
– Injection of x64 images into WOW64 process
– Image manual mapping
– Injection profiles

Manual map features:
– Relocations, import, delayed import, bound import
– Static TLS and TLS callbacks
– Security cookie
– Image manifests and SxS
– Make module visible to GetModuleHandle, GetProcAddress, etc.
– Support for exceptions in private memory under DEP
– C++/CLI images are supported (use ‘Add loader reference’ in this case)

Kernel manual map features are mostly identical to user-mode with few exceptions:
– No C++ exception handling support for x64 images (only SEH)
– No static TLS
– No native loader compatibility
– Limited dependency path resolving. Only API set schema, SxS, target executable directory and system directory

Supported OS: Win7 – Win10 x64