Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Vice b6.1 [Zoomhack, Chat-Spammer, AFK-Bot, Ping-Checker, Friendlist-Cleaner]


  • Zoom-Adjustment (Fine adjust your Zoomvalue)
  • Custom Field of View (Sets a custom Field of View (FOV))
  • Zoomlock (Locks your current Zoomvalue)
  • No Zoomlimit (Removes the max. and min. Zoomlimit)
  • Chat-Spammer (Spams the League of Legends ingame Chat)
  • AFK-Bot (Prevents you from getting kicked)
  • Ping-Checker (Check the ping that you’ll have ingame)
  • Friendlist-Cleaner (Helps with removing all your Friends)
  • Ingame-Notifications (Example)


  • You have to play League of Legends in “Borderless” mode to use the GUI
  • Pressing the Exit-Key will also restore every changed value in the memory
  • Disable or pause your Antivirus, if the download gets blocked