Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

[1.7.10 & 1.8.9] Vape v2.47

AimAssist Smoothly and accurately aims to your opponents.
AutoClicker Automatically clicks for you when your mouse is held.
AutoBard Scrolls between bard items for you.
ArmorSwitch Switches between Armor types with the press of a button. Read Command section for information on how to use this.
BowAimbot Aims your bow for you.
ChestSteal Puts everything into your inventory when you open a chest.
ChestEsp Highlights chests for you. Can also highlight other storage blocks
Fullbright Gives night vision.
Hitboxes Expand other players hitboxes.
FastPlace Places blocks much faster.
Freecam Move around freely.
Killaura Attacks everything around you. Use with caution, but if configured correctly can bypass most servers.
Nametags Makes player nametags always visible, shows info such as distance/health/armor/enchants.
Refill Moves potions or soup from your inventory to your hot bar when you press its keybind.
Reach Make your reach distance to enemies longer.
Search Highlights certain blocks through the ground(Like an xray). View search section to more information on how to add blocks.
Sprint Toggles Sprint
SpawnerFinder Puts a nametag above all spawners in your area.
Strafe Pushes you backwards from your AimAssist target.
ThrowDebuff Throws debuff potions for you when keybind is pressed.
Throwpot Automatic throws correct amount of health pots without overhealing you when you press its keybind.
Tracers Draws a line to nearby players, colored blue for neutral and green for friends.
Velocity Knockback distance editor.
WTap WTaps for you.


Windows (64-bit)
Minecraft Forge (Forge is required to run Vape)

So you need Forge 1.7.10 or 1.8.9 ( you choose ) just Google it and you are gonna find the MinecraftForge website

You can not use Optifine on its own, and you can not use things like Labymod, you must use forge.
If you want to use Optifine just put it in the mods folder.

Once you have downloaded Forge, install it on your client and launch the game with Forge, when you are in the main menu just launch “launch.lnk” ( The one for your version so use the folder 1.7.10 if you are running Forge 1.7.10 ) & in-game press RSHIFT





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