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[1.8] Huzuni 3.5 VIP

How to install the client:
This should work for Windows 7 & 8

1: Get WinRaR
2: Press the Windows Key
3: Type in %appdata%
4: Go into Roaming
5: Go into .Minecraft
6: Go into Versions
7: Extract the Client into Versions
8: Close MC if you had it open
9: Open MC Launcher
10: Press ‘Select Version’
11: Find “OptiFine_1.8.0_HD_U_H8” and click on it (Note it’s Huzuni)
12: Press play
13: Enjoy using the Client!

About Huzuni: Huzuni is a Minecraft Griefing client originally developed by Halalaboos and co-developed by Brudin, his bff. Originally a private client was made by the two entitled ‘Poohbear’, but after a freak accident, it was no longer developed.

When I say ‘BYPASSES’ I mean that the hack works on the server not meaning that it won’t come up in the Anti-Cheat.
To open up the GUI just press RSHIFT.

Commands The Hack Has:

No Fall – Makes you take no fall damage, (BYPASSES – Some).
Sprint – Auto sprints for you without you having to double tap W, (BYPASSES – All).
Flight – Lets you fly, (BYPASSES – Some).
Dolphin – Makes you float in water without having to hold space bar, (BYPASSES – All).
Glide – Makes you fall a low slower like a chicken, (BYPASSES – Some).
Sneak – Auto Sneaks for you, if you have fast it might not bypass, however if u have real it will, (BYPASSES – Real Mode, Fast Mode – Some)
Spider – Allows you to climb up walls, (BYPASSES – Some).
Fast Ladder – Allows you to climb up Ladders way faster, (BYPASSES – Mainly All).
Step – Automatically steps up blocks for you, (BYPASSES – Most).
No Slowdown – Makes you take no slowdown when hitting with a sword, eating, etc. (BYPASSES – Some).

Auto Tool – Automatically switches to the best item when mining, (BYPASSES – All).
Respawn – Makes you respawn faster, (Not sure).
Speed mine – Allows you to mine faster, (BYPASSES – Depends on how fast).
Auto Fish – Automatically fishes for you, (BYPASSES – Most).
Retard – Makes your head ‘derp’ around fast, (BYPASSES – Most).
Free-cam – Allows you to go out of your body and fly around, (BYPASSES – All).
Fast Place – Allows you to place faster then normal, (BYPASSES – Most).
Timer – Allows you to move around much faster, (BYPASSES – Some).

Xray – Allows you to search for ores and other things/Edit in Xray settings, (BYPASSES – All).
Auto Sign – Automatically places signs with a certain text for you, (BYPASSES – All).
Nuker – Nukes block around you that you toggled it to nuke, (BYPASSES – Most)/(Depending on what settings).
Auto Farm – Automatically farms certain materials for you, (BYPASSES – Most).
Chest Stealer – Automatically places down a sign with a text to steal a chest, (BYPASSES – Most).
Vehicle – 1-hit Breaks a Vehicle in one hit, (I haven’t tried this).
Middle Click Friends (MCF) – Allows you to add friends so you don’t attack them, (BYPASSES – All).
Chest Xploder – Drops all items in a chest, (BYPASSES – Some).

Bright – Makes you see in dark areas, (BYPASSES – All).
Chest ESP – Shows you where Chests/Enderchests are, (BYPASSES – All).
Tracer – Draws a line to all near players, (BYPASSES – All)
Breadcrumb – Draws a line behind you, (BYPASSES – All).
Name tags – Makes players Names bigger and shows armour etc, (BYPASSES – All).
Wire-frame – Renders the world in Wire-frame mode (BYPASSES – All).
Status HUD – Shows active potion effects and armour, (BYPASSES – All).

Anti Knock-back – Allows you to take no KB, (BYPASSES – All).
Kill Aura – Attacks entities around you, (BYPASSES – All).
Auto Disconnect – Automatically disconnects you from the server if you have 3- Health, (BYPASSES – Most).
Projectiles – Shows the trajectory of throw-able items, (BYPASSES – Most).
Auto armour – Automatically equips armor on you if a piece was to break, do note you have to have the armor in your inventory, (BYPASSES – Most).
Auto Soup – Automatically drink soup if you low, (BYPASSES – Most).
Click aim-bot – Aims at the entities your trying to kill, (BYPASSES – Mainly All).
Criticals – Automatically makes you jump when fighting someone to deal extra damage, (BYPASSES – Mainly All).

Anti Censor – Avoids the anti-swear filter (BYPASSES – Some).
Dolan Speak – maeks yu tlak lik dis, (BYPASSES – Some).
Auto Accept – Automatically accepts a Teleport request from people who you have added on your friends list. (BYPASSES – All).

Auto Build – Automatically builds the pattern you made (BUGGY), (BYPASSES – Some).
Jump Prediction – Predicts your landing position when jumping, (BYPASSES – Most).
Bow Aim-bot – Calculates the angle required to hit an object. (BYPASSES – Most).
Auto Potion – Automatically throws down a healing potion at a certain % of health if you have a potion, (BYPASSES – Most).

Halalaboos – The entire thing.
Brudin – Designed the GUI and many mods.
BillyBob – Reflex Scripting Language (RSL_3.0 vRealHotThis0ne).

Proof it works:

NOTE: You will need winrar to extract the file.

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