Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Dauntless Monfrix’s Cheat

    • Attack Speed


  • Freeze HP Pot Countpatched
  • Freeze Revive Countpatched
  • Freeze other slots countpatched
    (allow you to use an item more than once that otherwise will be limited by the game to x per island ex: if you have 5 airstrikes in your inventory you can use them all on the same island instead of the game limiting you to using only one)
  • Infinity Stamina
  • Camera Zoom In and Out
  • Movement Speed Boost
  • Jump Hack
  • Fly Hack


  • Download an injector (Xenos64/Extreme Injector v3)
  • Download the Dll file
  • Open the injector and add the Dll
  • Run the game
  • Choose Dauntless-Win64-Shipping.exe
  • Click inject


  • + (numpad) or Up Arrow Increase Attack Speed By 1
  • – (numpad) or Down Arrow Decrease Attack Speed By 1
  • * (numpad) Reset Attack Speed
  • 6 (numpad) or Right Arrow to Increase Jump Height
  • 3 (numpad) or Left Arrow to Decrease Jump Height
  • 9 (numpad) Reset Jump Height
  • 5 (numpad) or Page Up Activate Fly Cheat (First Key press sets the gravity to 0 second Key press stops at the current Height)
  • 2 (numpad) or Page Down Deactivate Fly Cheat
  • F1 Camera Zoom-in
  • F2 Camera Zoom-out