Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Dauntless Multi Hack

Attack Speed
F1: Default Speed
F2: 3x Speed – All Weapon Compatible
F3: 7x Speed – Hammer/Axe (Can still aim)
F4: 20x Speed – War Blades / Pikes
F5: 50x Speed – Axe / Pikes (Barely Aim / Fast Kill)

Pikes are good for parts.
Axe/Hammer is good for a speedrun.
Use an electric weapon to stagger and kill even faster.

20x and 50x needs an autoclicker.

Infinite Stamina
Ability to dodge, roll, jump, sprint, and etc as long as you want.

Speed Boost
Hold Left Shift and you should be good to go. Want to run normally? Just spam left shift or after awhile the speed should be reset.

Super Jump
Super jump is enabled when pressing the HOME key.

Hold left alt when you jumped and you will be stuck in the air. You can stand still or walk around, a bit buggy so you might have to spam the key as well.

Press PAGE UP to zoom in and PAGE DOWN to zoom out.