Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Deceit Hack | Teleport, Speedhack, Superjump

The hack does not contain a GUI, you can enable features through command prompt.

– Teleport
– Teleport to players
– Teleport to a custom position
– Teleport to a place on the map

– Text Drawing
– The hack draws information on your screen containing player information such as infection status, position, and health.
– Infection status and player information may be unreliable and has not been fully tested, it may provide false information and may not automatically remove itself from the screen when a player is dead, refer to position if you are unsure if they are alive.

– Customizable speedhack
– Set your custom speedhack speed, use MOUSE5 as a hotkey for the speedhack.

– Superjump
Still being worked on, it may not work at times, please note you can hold spacebar and essentially “fly”

– Unlimited ammo
– Unlimited ammo is enabled by default.