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Gmod Hack


New update today, all sorts of stuff added.

Added Clientside Lua File Stealer (Files are stored at steamapps/common/friendlyhack)
Added CW 2.0 Nospread
Added FAS:2 Nospread
Added Spectator List
Added UserGroup ESP
Added Team Color Checks for ESP and Aimbot (For those darkrp pastes)
Added button that lists addons on the server (Check console after clicking it)
Added button that lists players and their usergroups and steam id’s on the server (Check console)
Added “Panic Mode” in the aimbot which stops you aimbotting if an admin is spectating you
Added some more filters for the Entity ESP

Fixed some stuff also:
Fixed crashes
Fixed anti-screengrab

I also changed the menu design a small amount.