Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Golf Clash Hack Pack

Just a cheat table with a few simple functions, easily gets a leg up on anyone with a similar bag.

Master – only enables cheats on your turn
Long Line
Perfect Shot
Max Topspin
Max Backspin
Full Accuracy
No Wind (only use on golden shot, or you will get banned)
Club Abilities – Allows you to put a bunch of special effects on your club (Many will get you banned, be careful)
Ball Changer – Instantly change your ball into any known balls (This does on your first shot, but the wind and your ball wont look different. Use windrings or math to figure out your aim)
Wind Ring Calc – does simple calculations to help estimate where your ball will land after the wind (Requires full accuracy and long line)

New version ‘should’ be more resistant to updates, new tournaments/balls shouldn’t break it. Also with LUA integration to automatically find and attach to the correct process, also with some error reporting. It shouldn’t be required, but everything works a little smoother if you load the game before opening the hack. Make sure the game is loaded fully before activating anything, only activate on main menu screen, and don’t open chests or play games before activating.

Don’t know why I have to keep answering this, but yes, its PC only. If you want it on mobile then you’ll just have to use a vm.