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Overwatch hero changer

Allows you to change units to retribution heroes

The first parameter is the unit you select and wanna change, in this case mccree and the second parameter is Talon Assasin.

overwatch-guid.exe 2E000000000006E 2E00000000001BB


Soldier: 2E000000000006E McCree: 2E0000000000042 Widowmaker: 2E000000000000A Talon Heavy Assult: 2E00000000001BA Talon Assassin: 2E00000000001BB Rip Tire: 2E0000000000176 Training Bots: 2E000000000016B, 2E000000000016C, 2E000000000016E, 2E000000000016D Uprising bot with shield: 2E0000000000173 Uprising detonator: 2E000000000017C Ret soldier: 2E00000000001AC Slicer: 2E0000000000178 Sniper: 2E00000000001B8 Something: 2E0000000000175 Some uprising bot: 2E0000000000179 Enforcer: 2E00000000001CE