Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

[email protected] for CSS v34 | Backtracking | UCP/SMAC/ULTRA

Aimbot, Perfect + Chance triggerbot, BHOP (75% perfect) and other stuff is undetected on servers with SMAC, Kigens, ULTRA (ULTRA NEEDs 280units speed +50% perfect).

Bypass [email protected]:
MISC – FULL or [email protected]
AIM (without psilent) – Fov <180 XD
Chance Triggerbot or Chance Primitive (similar normal) + Better Tracing
SoundESP on everysound
Cvar bypasser + Rate desync (use NETMSC in menu)
BHOP (fuck this, [email protected] ban for scroll on mouse WTF). Use Bhop 50% perfect + 280 units speed (MISC)
Other legit functions.

For UCP injection:
8.1-8.5 – Inject with Xenos
8.5 – Inject with Xenos or another injector with hide dll and other settings.
If have BSOD (injection detect):
Type in Windows PowerShell (Get-ChildItem c:windowssystem.ini).LastWriteTime = ’01/01/2017 1:37PM’)