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JR Beta 7.0 (External)

Menu with a lot of options: ESP Settings, Aimbot settingss to chest/neck and a lot more, including ESP Items Filter to choose what items you want to see on your screen
Adjustable ESP: Player Box, Player Info from 1000m, Vehicle ESP from 1000m, Item ESP, Loot Esp, Adjust Player ESP Alert from 1000m to 300m for better visibility and alert if closer than 300m.
Adjustable Aimbot : No Recoil, No Bullet Fall, Set aimlock to chest/neck, Set the fov angle to aimlock easier (150-200 recommended). You can set ON/OFF for the extra aimbot features (If you want to play legit & safe, don’t turn them on and set fov distance to 50)
Support system-W7-W10


JR 7.0.rar