Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

kBot No Recoil / Automatic guns

I’m using a different version that’s encrypted, this a non encrypted version that will probably get you banned since everyone’s saying AHK is detected, hell I might even be banned in a week IDC. Use at your own risk.

kbot2 kbot1

This was built using windowed 1600×900 since that’s what I prefer playing on. So if you’re wanting to do 1920×1080 I’m sure you’ll have to make some adjustments. Even my 1600×900 could be tweaked a little more I’m sure, it’s just very hard debugging without a training area in PUBG.

Includes the ability to adjust the following:

Rate of recoil
Sensitivity of the jitter for different mouse speeds
The Y axis drop amount
Ability to add a random x axis range
Ability to shoot both singlefire and burstfire weapons like automatic weapons by holding down the mouse.

If you want to make this more accurate feel free to add what resolution you’re playing at and the new settings you’re playing at, maybe I’ll re-upload this with new default settings.