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Pubg 1.1.0 The Murder Bot INFINITE RAGE (External)


Pubg 1.1.0 ESP which includes: Player distance / Tags ESP / Box Mode / Show Airdrop, Items & Cars (Weapons are in english) Adjustable Aimbot : Bullet Tracking, Instant Hit (it enable it self when you use bullet tracking), Low Recoil (recoil still exist but less sway/spraying and more accurate), No Bullet Fall, Set aimlock to chest/neck/head (The aimbot looks legit in deathcam and hit targets from 400-500 meters instantly) and of course it also include rage option called Bullet Tracking which is the last option and avoid it on main account. Bullet tracking means you can just lock on someone and aim anywhere and still hit him (You can look at the sky and kill him with a shotgun from 500 meters instantly). Also the newest feature was added which is called Magic Bullet (Press F3 3 times and you will activate magic bullet. By activating this feature you can kil people thro the walls or camping anywhere). —- Support system-W10 Only