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PUBG Ghost Premium Hack

WARNING: Ghost works on Windows 7 and last versions of Windows 10 such as Windows 10 1511/1703 and 1709 (Go to RUN and type WINVER , you will then see your version of Windows). Also make sure you register with NUMBERS/LETTERS only and 16 characters max.

WARNING 2: You need to delete Windows Security Update and restart pc to fix the black screen issue.

The main functions:

  • Tags ESP (Shows only the distance of Players), Items ESP (You can clearly see the weapons or level 3 stuff in more colors including Backpacks, Medicine, Grenades, Armor, Helmets etc), Cars ESP
  • Aimbot / Instant Hit (which is translated as sharpshooter in the menu, will hit any target from any distance instantly, you can also headshot running targets from faraway) / Set to chest or neck.
  • Menu is in english (launcher is in chinese but is translated so is easy to setup, video on how to register and login is also prepared). Soon Ghost will be more fully translated in english including items.

Support System: W10 1709 (Last version of Windows 10)

Recommended ★★★★★ (This is one of the oldest private cheetos in PUBG which was never detected. If Ghost will be ever detected, you will be refunded for the key you activated. The ESP and the Aimbot is extremely smooth just like the old Nameless so you can have great expectations of Ghost)

Ghost – 36 Hours [Internal/Never Detected]

Price: 20€ for 36 Hours

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