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Radical Heights Aim Assist (Chams Only)

You will need this for the Aim Assist to work.
Radical D3D

Inject it with Extreme Injector v3.7.3 or v3.7.2


Instructions :

You can use any in game sense! The fix will be done on the tool!
For those who wanted to know I run 3.500 in game – 800 dpi on my mouse.
Thanks to jedmofo for the reminder on this one!

Read this post, follow those instructions:
Radical D3D

After that this:

Now supports all resolutions! If you have a problem, reply to this topic or hmu on Discord!
F1 – Toggle FOV
F2 – Enable Aim Assist (I fucked something and can only be enabled not disabled) – Hold Left Click to use it.

F2 must be pressed after opening the tool for the first time and also after you press F4

F3 – Exit

F4 – Reload Tool with new Field of View
Remember to press F2 after the tool window reappears