Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Cheat Engine Table R6S

What Features:
Features include:
Score Hack
No Lion Cool Down
Cav ESP ( Not offsets, you *WILL* not be able to get the offset for it, even if you spend hours guessing and checking, good luck getting banned when doing it online. This is a very different method and approach to cav esp and will *ONLY* work offline. Unless you know how to use the method correctly, which I found no one so far expect me xD)
No Gun Sound
No Recoil
No Spread
Rapid Fire
Unlimited Mag
Unlimited Gadget
Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Health

Does It Work Online:
nope, its for learning purposes and just to have fun in singleplayers or local custom games

Why Use This:
To learn from it, and to have fun

What Do You Need:
Slealth Edit
Cheat Engine
Rainbow 6

How To Use:
Install the sleathedit plugin into Cheat Engine
Open the cheat table which will open cheat engine with the table
Open the game
Stop BEService in your task manager
Run cheat engine
Target Rainbow 6 in your cheat engine
Make sure the keep the current table
Tick the boxes on the left to enable or disable features