Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Rainbow Six Siege ESP & Triggerbot Works online

Status: Undetected as of now 
This is a simple ESP with a box and Health bar.. inspired by the source from @24jared24 and implementing the Battleye Bypass of @asmjs

+ a Triggerbot which i added by myself


1. Close any programs
2. Inject server.dll into lsass.exe using any injector (use manual map)
3. Run the game in borderless or windowed more
4. Start the cheat by clicking the exe file (run as admin)

Instructions for Triggerbot:
1. Just aim 😛
2. Works only with Automatic Rifles.. so no shield pistols.. again you can add that easily in the source

Tested in MP only.. should work on T-hunt (only draws 12 entities at one)

Note: It draws ESP for all players and sometimes for our own player too.
Aimbot source is already implemented but not functional.. check the source if you want to enable it.

Download and Source attached.

Note2: if it doesn’t draw anything.. try running it with GPU.. Right click the exe> Run with Graphics> then select your GPU. if it’s already running with GPU try switching to integrated card