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[X21.0.0] Nilly’s Reborn

Chat commands:
List the commands
/sfadd <string>
Add <string> to spam filter
Example to filter all chat messages containing ““: /sfadd
List everything in the spam filter
Reset spamfilter to default
Clear the spamfilter
Hide non locked players
Show your current coordinates
Toggle sliding on ice tiles
Toggle spellbomb aim assist on right click (works for all classes)
/scantrade <item name> (also /sctr for short)
Scans all players looking for an item, if they have it, trade them
Example: /scantrade Potion of Life
Sends /nexustutorial
Sends /tutorial
/fgfps <number>
Set the foreground FPS to a specified number
/bgfps <number>
Set the background FPS to a specified number
Stops pets from being rendered
/spd <number>
Change your speed client side if like, you can walk slower but if you set it to higher than your current speed you will get disconnected

Apologies for the late delay on releasing, I finally fixed an issue with the UI elements not being aligned properly.