Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Python scripting ingame

Today I’d like to provide you a fast way to load and execute your python scripts ingame.
You can load a script, do your changes and load it again, useful to quickly test things.

dll will just spawn a console with some information on how to use it, just wait it to be ready and load your scripts.

Some useful tips:

  • game loads scripts not all in once, they are fully loaded ingame
  • better to login and wait to be in main menu, then execute your own scripts
  • executing scripts in in main menu will ensure basic python imports to be already loaded

Why should I look into python in ros?

  • game is based on it, the logic is there, weapon values (ammo etc) and other interesting things are there.
  • cheat scripts does not need to be updated (or just in small part)
  • enough?

The linked script does not take into account class inheritance, to have a full class members dump (provided you have the class object):

  1. go ingame
  2. find the class obj of which you want to dump members
  3. this will list ALL the methods and attributes in it:
  1. def sprintf(buf, fmt, *args):
  2. buf.write(fmt % args)
  4. def dump_class_full_names(class_obj):
  5. fl = open(‘D:\full_list.txt’, ‘w+’)
  6. sprintf(fl, “Class %sn”, type(class_obj))
  7. for f_name in dir(class_obj):
  8. sprintf(fl, “t%sn”, f_name)
  9. fl.close()