Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

RoS External v1.5

RoS External by KkK1337
undetected on 1.147074.149250 version

.Net Framework 4.6.2

Update v1.5

  • Added Bone ESP (This incrase CPU Usage)
  • Added Vehicle ESP (Include: Motor,Bike,Buggy,Jeep,Car,Boat)
  • Added No Fog
  • Added No Fall (Remove Fall Animation when you jump from some object)
  • Fixed Grave Mode (Removed Checkbox only work on Hotkey = G)
  • Fixed Fast Fall
  • Removed High Jump

Update v1.4

  • Added ESP Include (Player,Player Tracer, Distance of Player, Some Vehicle, Plane, Parachute, Loot) *This is experimental
  • Added Grave Mode
  • Added Crosshair *This is experimental
  • Added FOV *This is experimental
  • Added Screen Resolution and Center *This is experimental

Update v1.3

  • Got totally new source code and is not written in C# anymore


  1. If you use multiple hacks(not only my) on your account and get ban don‘t type there that you get banned i don’t care about bans when you use other hacks on your account
  2. So Official my Hack is not detected by Rules of Survival Anti Cheat so keep that in mind that you are not banned by executing my hack you do something wrong ingame which result as ban
  3. If you get banned in middle of game you probably using Teleport Kill and rage (If you have more than 10 kills probably you will get banned doesn‘t matter ESP,Telekill or other stuff in hack and why? People know that too much people using hack in RoS also you yes you report everyone who killed you thats why people get banned for no reason)
  4. You get banned for 3,12,24 hours? – You have too many reports keep calm and play more legit if you want to survive


-Player Distance
-Player Tracer
-Player Bone
-Vehicle Distance
-Loot Distance

-Removed all grass 360 degrees


-Remove fall animation

-Your moving faster 2x (useful when zone is coming)

-ZoomHack can combine with Scope and NoScope (Not needed scope in weapon)

-Useful when you on top of some building and have flat under you so just click Passthrough and you will be from 4 flat to 1 flat

Fast Fall
-Active it when you fall from plane you will fall with 356 speed no 210

-Touch an object and u will be on top

Walk Underwater
-You can hide under water / Drive car under water



-Red Chams
-Green Chams
-Blue Chams

Removed Features:
-No Clip
-High Jump
-Teleport Hack/Telekill
-Smart AIM

F1 = NoGrass
F2 = SpeedHack
F3 = Passthrough
F4 = ZoomHack
F5 = FastFall
G = Grave mode
MiddleMouse/Mouse3 = Passthrough
CTRL+DEL = Exit Hack