Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

RoS Hack V3.1][DLL]Wallhack+WeaponEsp+Aimbot+Gravemode+Walkthrough+Underwater+Autoclimb

-Chams with 7 Colors options
-Crosshair with 5 Color options
-Distance Box
-Aimbot with : Aimsense – Aimfov – Aimhight
-No Fog
-No grass
-No Fall damage
-Speed Hack
-Walk Under Water
-Walk Through Walls (noclip)
-Gravemode (hide underground while prone)
-Auto Climb buildings
-Jump Hack (high Jump)
-Fast Paracute
-Anti Spectator Trick (kick spectator)

****UPDATE V3.1****
ready for game Patch 1.159968.161266
Source and Dll both updated to V3.1

-FLYHACK it’s back and updated
-added an already compiled DLL V3.1 fixed menu box 
-Crosshair hair with 5 color options [Yellow][Red][Blue][Green][Purple], }
-Antispectate trick by @abuali121 
-6 more WhChams colors { [Yellow][Red][Blue][Green][Purple], [White][Yellow2] }

-Fastparacute hotkeys ON/OFF >> F1/F2
-Antispectate trick hotkeys ON/OFF >> NUMPAD1/NUMPAD2

selection on menu has no use and will do nothing it’s just there as a reminder of the hack