Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

ROS JEEBUS |Wallthroug|Flyhack|GraveMode and more

DISABLE GRAVE MODE After every game
Pls shout jeebus when you meet another cheater ingame with grave mode JUST FOR THE LUL


  • WallThrough (Num 1 On/ Alt+Num 1 Off)
  • SpeedHack (Num 2 On/ Alt+Num 2 Off)
  • WalkUnder Water (Num 3 On/ Alt+Num 3 Off)
  • Hide (Num 4 On/ Alt+Num 4 Off)
  • Fast Fall (Hold Num 5)
  • Slow Chute/No fall DMG (Num 6 On[Hold for slow chute]/ Alt+Num 6 Off)
  • Auto Climb (Num 7 On/ Alt+Num 7 Off)
  • No Grass (Num 8 On/ Alt+Num 8 Off)
  • Grave Mode (Num 9 On and Off) ACTIVATE THEN PRONE
  • Horizon Fog (Num 0 On/ Alt+Num 0 Off)
  • Fly Hack (Num + On/ Num – Off)
  • No Ground (0 on/ Alt+0 Off)
  • No Building and Some Trees (- On/ Alt+- Off)

Chams select color of choice and press space when in game
(Rinse and repeat every game)