Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Rules of Survival Account Unban Hack

To unban an account without losing progress
  • 1. Start a new account without binding
  • 2.Bind that new account to Facebook


Method 2 Create New account


  • 1. ON mobile press Account
  • 2. Start New Game
Method 3 


Having Trouble About your Ban Main Acc? HAHA here`s your Chance
ROS New Log-in System

Follow this Instruction:

1. Open up your Mobile and use your Ban Acc.
2. Open up your ROS and Scan the QR code
3. don`t CLOSE the QR CODE Or Don`t CONFIRM YET on your Phone
4. On The Left side of QR code Click the Login Thru G-mail
5. Log in your Ban acc. again

7. After this Steps always Log-in no more Scans needed

I Hope this can help you, But Trust me it works on me if you having Trouble about the steps Just Reply On This THREAD  woop woop

PS: Don`t use again a Detected Cheat  Lesson Learned
PSS: if you use Scan Login Only The Acc. Still Ban