Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Rules of Survival AHK SCRIPT

undetected on 1.138505.139286 version

This is a very basic AHK script I made from AHK For remapping keys so you
can play the way you want it sence the game doesnt have any key change
binding in game so i made this script so you can play better.?!

You will need AHK(Autohot key):
AHK(Autohot key) Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls:

F2 – Suspend/UnSuspend All keys
F3 – Exit Script
F4 – Get Mouse Posistion
CTRL ALT R – Reload Script when your done editing and saving it

What to Add:
Im trying to make a anti recoil script

Video Tutorial…

Text Tutorial
Step 1: First thing you want to make sure you have AHK installed

Step 2:To edit the script right click and click on edit script
NOTE: to edit the right key to send to game follow this for a example
C::C ; Crouch replace “C” like this X::C ; Crouch

Step 3:When your done editing save and if you want to exit the text anytime

Step 4:When done using make sure your exit the AHK script the icon should be in the taskbar with a Green box with S or H on if not click the ^
on the taskbar and it should be there to exit the script right click on it and click exit or F3 to exit the script

BIG NOTE: When editing the script if the script is running make you save and right click on the script that is running and click on reload script or do
CTRL ALT R to reload the script