Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Rules of Survival Inferno v1 Internal BOX|ESP|[CHAMS]|ITEM|VEHICLE|LINES|

+ Chams v5 (basic, not many hotkeys)
+ Player BOX ESP
+ PLayer Snapline
+ Internal = no lag
+ Shows ALL entities on Map
+ Bot esp
+ Item ESP
+ Vehicle ESP


F1 – Turn On/Off CHAMS
F4 – Turn MultiColor on/off [Visibility]



1. Close the game
2. open extreme injector
3. Start extreme injector in secure mode (it’s in settings)
4. Now extreme injector will restart
5. Go to settings
Injection type: manual map
Stealth injection: ON
Hide module: ON
Scramble : Standard
Auto close : ON
6.Now open game
7. Select ros and the DLL then INJECT.
8. Make sure injector is closed