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Rules of Survival Mix UnBanned Android 3.0

Feature :
Version 3.0 
No Grass☆ ☆Antenna Menu☆ ☆Jump Hack On/Off☆ ☆Weapon Colour Menu
More Hack Features Menu☆ ☆Feature of Fast Menu☆ ☆Weather Changer Menu

Note Version 3.0 :

  1. Remove Aimbot : Got Banned
  2. Antenna Menu :
    • Male Female Antenna *still safe
    • Body Antenna *safe
    • Head Antenna *safe
    • Legs Antenna *safe – always use this
    • Everyone Antenna *safe – glitch on my device
  3. Jump Hack On/Off : New script value for dissable
  4. Weapon Colour Menu : New value from Dragon Stars *tested green and yellow colours, each test 3-4 games no-Relog. if want to test it use dummy acc
  5. More Hack Features Menu :
    • No Recoil *still safe
    • Underground *still safe
    • Underwater *still safe
    • Wall Climb *still safe
    • Wall Through *safe – not work on my device
    • BHOP *safe – not work on my device – new features from CriticalHit
  6. Feature of Fast Menu :
    • Fast Shoot *still safe – sometimes work
    • Fast Heal *still safe
    • Fast Reload *still safe
    • Fast Parachute *still safe
    • Fast Car Nitrous *safe
  7. Weather Changer Menu : ☆thanks to Dragon Stars☆
    • Change Fuzzy Mist to Afternoon (No Grass)
    • Change Night to Afternoon (No Grass)
    • Change Evening to Afternoon (No Grass)
    • EXTRA: Only Works on Sunny Weather
    • EXTRA: Only Works on Misty Weather
    • EXTRA: Only Works on Dark/Night Weather
    • EXTRA: Only Works on Evening Weather
    • UNKNOWN: Mix Lava/Grass/Antenne *awesome effect