Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game



+ Totally External
+ Offsets are not Signature based, so someday i’ll need to update them
+ C#
+ Maximizes ROS Screen for best experience (needed by cheat)
+ Undetected
+ Works as of 4.02.18



+ Player ESP
+ Item ESP
+ Weapon ESP
+ Robot ESP
+ Player Health
+ Player Distance
+ Item Distance
+ SupplyBox ESP
+ SwapLines
+ Drop Plane ESP
+ Vehicle ESP

+ AimFov
+ Improved Aimbot for different scopes
+ AimHeight
+ AimDistance
+ Smart_Aim
[Note: Aimbot is not good for very close range, good for > 50m]
[Note: It glitches when there are many enemies around in very close range (like at start of round, before plane]
[Note: It aims at body level most of the time, Not at head]
[Note: Aimlock is automatic when enemy is in FOV]

+ Noclip Speed
+ Position Lock (Game can’t force teleport you back) [Glitchy]

(Pass Through Walls,Trees,Homes Anything  )

+ Makes ROS FullScreen Borderless
+ Dynamic Window Grabbing technique (should work on upcoming updates)
+ Cool ESP Colors
+ Works with my Chams  so you can run both chams and this cheat



Basic Controls:

F1 – Turn on All ESP
F2 – Turn on only basic ESP (robots)
F3 – Turn on SmartAim (recommended)
F4 – Increase NoClip Speed
F5 – Decrease NoClip Speed
J – Toggle NoClip
U – Show Aimbot FOV
Left ALT Key – Toggle Aimbot
Delete – Exit Cheat (Maybe  )

[Tip: You can hold this key down to make it faster]

O & P – Adjust Aimbot height [ Locked when SmartAim is ON]

Aimbot Controls:

UP_ARROW_KEY – Increase Aimbot Distance Range by 25m
DOWN_ARROW_KEY – Decrease Aimbot Distance Range by 25m
LEFT_ARROW_KEY – Decrease Aimbot FOV Range by 1px
RIGHT_ARROW_KEY – Increase Aimbot FOV Range by 1px

NoClip Controls

Right Control Key + Arrow Keys :- Move Forward/Backward/Right/Left
BackSpace Key :- Fly Up
Right Shift Key :- Sink Down