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Rules of Survival Pandora Full Source

You will need VS2017 for this project.

# Pandora Hack by DKing
This is a project for Rules of Survivals & 终结者2.

The project is formed in a dual language way so developer can easily change one line of code & compile for two.

Developed by DKing, with help from 3sachhacker, xiderowg, and info from Finz Rus, lucastx, IChooseYou, Ashesh.

### Features
ESP (filters)
Aimbot (Target Lock)
Teleport (Two set of coords)
Telekill (Target Lock)
Scope (x1 – x16)
Move Speed
Super Jump
Sky Walk
Hide Underground

### Project Detail
The solution is composed of three project.
* Blackbone – Dependency for process manipulation.
* Wall – Wallhack payload for injection, dll. Its binary will be converted to cpp file and finnally compiled into Pandora.exe.
* ZJZ-ROS – Pandora executable. Contains imgui in itself.

### Manual
#### Add localized text
1. Add two lang’s #define in Translations.h for each words/sentence
2. Use the macro in source.

#### Update Offsets
1. Update base address in offsets.h.
2. Update Version in version.h
3. If neccessary, find usage and change offsets related.

#### Add Function
1. Add offset in Offsets.h, if neccessary
2. Add codes in gui.cpp. If neccessary, define vars front of gui.cpp , or create a function or whatever you like. GUI uses loop and static vars to react.

#### Add Shortcut/Keybinding
1. Define keybinding in BGMonitor.h
2. Define key repeat setting in BGMonitor.cpp
3. Add Key Action in BGMonitor.cpp
4. If neccessary, declare extern vars from gui.h, then gui.cpp load the controlled value, changed behaviour/react to it.