Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Rules of Survival Script for Android

Only for Android Version













1. Jump hack
2. Speed Hack
3. Weapon Colour
4. No Grass
5. Male Antenna
6. Ammo Expand Rapid Fire
7. Wall Hack
8. Less Gravity
9. 0Sec Healing
10. 0 Sec Reload
11. No No recoil
12. Faster Nitros

Changelog :

RoS NEW SCRIPT Feutures :
JumpHack – Safe
SpeedHack Menu – [Fix Needed]
Weapons Color Menu – Safe
No Grass v1 – Safe
No Grass v2 Flashing – Safe
No Grass(Frog) – Safe Buggy
Male+Female Antenna – Safe
Fast Reload – Fix needed
Ammo Expand+Rapid Fire – [Tested 10 mins and no Ban also it may ban]
Bandages & Energy Drink No Delay – Safe
Med-Kit & First Aid No Delay + 100% Health – Safe
Fast Parachute – Safe
Wall Hack – Safe [Dont Crawl]
Wall Climb – Safe
Underground – Safe
No Recoil – Safe (Bans only in some devices idk why)
Fly – Safe
Ultimate ammo – Buggy [Banable]
Less Gravity – Work
Faster Nitros – Buggy[Slow Move + High Sensitivity]

Safe – No Ban
Bug – Need fix/Glitchy

Things required :
1. Of Course A Smart Phone with Rules of Survival Installed
2. Phone Must be Rooted
3. Game Guardian App for Script Execute

How to Run This :

Open the Game then Game Guardian App
Select ROS in processes
Go to Execute file
Select file and execute
Now select which hack you want to use
Done Enjoy


v 1.7

v 6.7