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Kiddion’s Modest External Menu v0.6.2

Changelog: v0.6.2 - Instead of crashing, show an error message when the config is invalid (bugfix) - Attempt to prevent player freezing when either SuperJump, Explosive/Fire Ammo or Explosive Fists are enabled (bugfix) - Make "Get…

GTA V Cheat Table for 1.42 – v2.4.3

Helpful Cheat Table for GTA Online 1.42 v2.3.5this is not "simple" anymore, too many functions added!Download Cheat Engine 6.7 - refil health to 328 ( max health ) NUM2 - refil…

GTA V My Mod Menu

MY MENU (just the name of the mod)IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING PLEASE JUST DON'T USE THISHOW TO USE: CAREFULLY HERE: -use whatever injector u use not feeling safe enough? LEAVE - add the zv9 file (this is dll file dont…

GTA V Money Hack

STEALTH MONEY HOW TO USE: F9 : Start adding money F8 : Stop the money(sometimes u need to press f8 more than twice) (just be careful)DOWNLOAD :

GTA V Fixer V0.1 By xJayRx12

This is a tool to help verify non-steam versions of GTA V, coded this in few minutes. No need to create shortcuts change parameters or anything, just open it up and press verify!NOTE: This does not add or modify any files…

SkidHookV/OriginBase V2 – GTA V 1.42

Installation: You HAVE to have SkidHookV.dll in your game directory for your mod to work (the mod you made with from the SDK). Then just well, have fun?CREDITS!!!!! Alexander Blade Infamous Dev Team JackD Sub1to…

Mega Base Source

Its for the Version 1.42 ENJOY !MegaBase with a lot of featuresThis is Originbase V2 updated to gta v 1.42 so credits to DireDanDownload: MegaBase.rar