Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Onra2’s Mod Menu [Warface EU] | Wallhack, No recoil, Unlimited Slide


  • No Recoil: Your weapon doesn’t have any recoil
  • Wallhack: see through walls
  • No Flash: yeah…
  • Auto Climb: You can climb on your own where you should be 2
  • Unlimited Slide: yeah…
  • Fast Crouch: You are faster than normal when crouched
  • No Claymore: You can see claymores from very very far away
  • No Sound: Your footstep sounds are deleted (idk if other still hear you, didn’t test it) (edit: works only in some game modes)
  • Fast sprint: You can sprint faster and longer, Not a lot because you would get rolled back from the servers
  • No Smoke: You can see through smoke (even if unchecked you can see through smoke while aiming)
  • Matrix: just a fun thing to add

here is no claymore:


    • Open Warface
    • I actually recommend you to rename randomly the .DLL file before injection
    • Open a Kernel Injector (i recommend Xenos injector v2.3.0 Xenos, ofc choose Kernel injection)
    • When in main menu, Inject the .DLL file
    • Wait Until you are fully loaded in a game room to activate anything or you will crash
    • When in a game, Press HOME on your keyboard to activate the menu, and choose whatever you want to activate with your mouse
    • When the game ends, Deactivate everything otherwise you will crash.