Game cheating is the way to go when you need to excel in a game

Onra2’s Simple Mod [EU/NA] | Chams, Name ESP, No recoil

Skeleton + Health bar + line + Dropped bomb location + explosives ESP:

Now you will get a notification when the bomb gets defused or when the briefcase is captured:



  • No Recoil: Your weapon doesn’t have any recoil
  • No Spread: Your bullets will go right in the middle of your crosshair. (it’s fun with shotguns hehe)
  • Chams: see through walls 
  • Name ESP: If chams doesn’t work, you will see the names of your enemies and the bomb location
  • Explosives ESP: ESP for explosives.
  • No Flash: yeah…
  • Auto Climb: You can climb on your own where you should be 2
  • No Smoke: You can see through smoke