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Warface Destroyed V2.0

– DirectX Framework Download DirectX End-User Runtime from Official Microsoft Download Center
– C++ Framework Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x86) from Official Microsoft Download Center (missing msvcp100.dll?)
– VC Runtimes Download VCRedist from Official Microsoft Download Center
– Warface must be in Windows Mode

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Include any error or message if any.
Post a ScreenShot or Video of your Desktop and how you have set up the game / cheat.
Include what operating system you are using.
And last, include any other relevant information.

Updated: 01/2/2018 Tested Working Download Link!
Download Warface Destroyed V2.0

I use Xenos Injector, soon, I will have this fully working.

So many people to credit.. Just know that I appreciate everyone who helped me and of course you know who you are. This forum is fantastic.

A la mierda el idiota que no me ayudaría, quería darme pistas … Él es un coño francés.

Insert for Menu
Translucent Chams – *Glow
Front Chams Color (Increase to make chams red, green or blue. Mix colors by increasing more than one)
Back Chams Color
Cross-Hair – Increase value to choose crosshairs like a box or a rainbow
Rage Quit (Speaks for itself
Esp (Customizable)
Box Red (Increase to make boxes red, mix colors by increasing more than one)
Box Green
Box Blue
Status Esp
Distance Counter
Bone Circle
Bone Dot
Bone Crosshair
Aim Sensitivity – NEW! ( My favorite is 2.5 preset )
Aim Key
Bone Height – New! (I like to put my esp near the neck in inventory before starting a match)
Pre-set aim settings.
Added Aim Key Selector.
Made selection an easier process.
Changed color increments when increasing.
Chams are now Pre-set to red so you only have to pick one, makes it easier.
Worked out a glitch that was turning off features when the menu was closed.
Made the ESP much better.. Chams color bars replaced old color bars


Warface Destroyed V2.0.rar